Netflix Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Netflix Party Extension Allows you to Watch Shows with Friends

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It is an undeniable truth that installing the Netflix Party(also Teleparty) extension allows you to watch movies & shows with friends if you install it. Even installing the Netflix Party extension entitles you to share your Netflix viewing experience with friends or family members residing at different locations via video playback in real-time sync. Along with streaming videos in real-time sync, the viewers can even enjoy chatting with each other in real-time. However, to use Netflix Watch Party, viewers need to install its extension via a suitable web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. 

Remember, the Netflix Watch Party users must also have a Netflix subscription. Installing the Netflix Party extension enables you to start a Netflix Party by selecting a show or movie on Netflix. And by clicking the "NP" icon added by the extension in your browser toolbar. Consequently, it will generate a link, which is better known as a Watch Party invitation URL, that you must share with your friends. Furthermore, it's still ongoing to find out what lies ahead; remember to check the below section.  

How to Host a Netflix Watch Party?  

Creating a virtual Party and enjoying unlimited binge-free streaming of movies and shows with friends takes a few steps. But keep in mind that Netflix Party is a third-party extension and not an official Netflix feature. Which makes its availability and functionality a little uncertain. So, let’s begin it; 

1. Install the Netflix Party extension: Select a Chrome, Firefox, or Edge web browser from the web store. And then, search for the "Netflix Party" extension. After finding it, click "Add to Chrome" to install the Netflix Party Chrome extension.

2. Open Netflix: Once you complete installing this Netflix Party Chrome extension. Carry onward by opening a new tab to visit the Netflix website via

3. Choose a show or movie: Now, search for the available video content on Netflix. Once you find the show or movie that you want to watch with friends, select it. 

4. Start a party: After selecting a title, click the Netflix Party extension icon in your browser's toolbar. Next, it will open a popup window, where you need to click the "Start the party" button. Thus, it can generate a unique Netflix Watch Party invitation link to begin the viewing session.

5. Share the party link: Don’t forget to share the generated Netflix Party invitation link with your friends. So, they can join the Netflix Watch Party effortlessly by opening the invitation link in their browsers. 

6. Enjoy synchronized watching: The moment when everyone starts joining the watch party, their video playback will synchronize automatically. When one person pauses or plays the video, it affects everyone else's playback too. Moreover, you will see the group chat feature on the side that enables you to communicate and share your thoughts about the ongoing video in real time.

Features of Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Party offers many user-friendly features to its viewers to enhance their viewing experience with friends. Remember, the Netflix Party extension is a third-party extension rather than an official one by Netflix. And this makes the availability of specific features change over time. Check out a few of its key features: 

1. Synchronized playback: Enabling video playback in real-time sync is the most prominent feature of Netflix Watch Party. It says whenever the host plays, pauses, seeks, or changes the video quality. It automatically affects everyone's playback to ensure everyone watches the content simultaneously.

2. Group chat: It also has an in-built group chat feature that enables viewers to chat in real-time along with watching the show or movie. You can view this feature on the side of the screen. So feel free to share your thoughts or reactions with friends and discuss the current content with them. 

3. User-friendly interface: Netflix Party extension comes with a simple and intuitive interface. Which makes it easy to set up and use within a few steps. You only need to visit the extension icon in the browser's toolbar. Which you can access to start or join a watch party quickly. 

4. Privacy settings: Certain privacy settings come under the host of the Netflix Party. Even the host can either keep control over playback to themselves or grant it to other participants as well. Owning it enables everyone the ability to pause, play, or seek in the video.

5. Customizable profile:

The participants at the Netflix Watch Party can even customize their “Netflix Party'' profile. They only need custom nicknames or profile icons to use in the group chat, which works as an identification. 

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