Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Spice up your movie nights, watch Netflix together!

Watch thousands of Netflix shows and movies with friends and family or connect with others from different locations. Netflix watch party synchronizes the video playback of all the Netflix party members. Also, enjoy the group chat feature and chat while watching your favorite shows!

How to use Netflix Watch Party

The fundamental idea behind creating this extension is to provide you with the utmost user-friendly HD streaming experience from all across the world. Therefore, all the functions and features of the extension are user-friendly. You can get started with the fun in a few simple clicks!

Install the free extension on your devices. Please make sure you are using the Chromebook, Windows, or a macOS device. Also, have the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser on your device.

Add the extension to the toolbar of your browser. To do this, please go to the “Extensions” icon and pin the extension from the toolbar from here.

You need to sign in to your Netflix account to get started with the Netflix party. Therefore, visit the official website of Netflix and sign in to your account.

After logging in to your Netflix account, search for the movies, TV shows, documentaries, or whatever you want to watch at the party.

Once you have found the right video to watch, please hit the play button.

If you want to be the host of your next virtual movie party, you should tap on the “NP” button you have pinned to your address bar. After this, click on the “Start Party” button to start the party. Now, the party link will be created. Please share this Netflix party link with your friends to invite them to join the Netflix party.

Just click on the URL your friend shared with you and install the Netflix Party extension. The link will automatically redirect you to the party.

Netflix Watch Party Features

Create or join long-distance watch parties for free from anywhere in the world while enjoying some remarkable features!

You can enjoy talking with your friends even while watching your favorite Netflix shows in sync with them. It will make your party even more fun and exciting!

You can use the extension from all across the world and connect with your friends from anywhere.

The extension lets you watch as many Netflix videos as you want to watch with your friends online in HD quality.

Add a personal touch to your watch party profile with fun avatars. In addition, you can also edit your profile according to your preferences.

The extension allows you to add as many participants as you want to your watch party.

The extension is compatible with all Chromebook, macOS, or Windows laptops and PCs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Netflix Watch Party is a free extension that allows you to create or join online watch parties. The extension lets you watch any movie, TV show, or documentary from Netflix in perfect sync with your friends. Furthermore, the extension is completely free.

You can install the extension by clicking here. Please make sure that you are using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser and a Chromebook, macOS or Windows device, which is supported by the extension.

Netflix Party is a free extension that helps you stream Netflix content with your loved ones from all across the world.

You can use the extension on any Windows, macOS, or Chromebook laptop and PC.

The extension is only compatible with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. Therefore, to install the extension on your device, please make sure that you use any of these browsers.

You can add as many members as you want to join in your watch party. Moreover, please ensure that the country location of all the members is the same. Therefore, if any member(s) lives in a different country, they should use VPN to change their location.

Host your Netflix Party by following these steps:-

  • First of all, you have to sign in to your Netflix account. 
  • Then, you should search for the video that you want to watch at the party. 
  • Now, play the Netflix video and click on the red “NP” button.
  • Now, select the “Start the Party” option to create your party link.  
  • Share the URL with everyone you want to invite to your Netflix party.

First of all, you have to download the extension on your device. After this, log in to your Netflix account and click on the Netflix Party URL shared with you by your friend. It will join you to the Netflix party.

Yes, you can keep control of the watch party by enabling the “Only I have control” button. It will allow you to play, pause, forward or rewind the video in sync during the party. In addition, you can also turn the volume up and down.