Netflix Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How To Use Netflix Party For Movie Nights With Friends

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Home parties are no longer the vibe of today. Technology has transformed everything even though nobody requested it. Therefore, we now have thousands of avenues for the societal experiment. One of these experiments is Netflix Party. It may not resemble your regular pool party or a group of pals performing karaoke at your house. Furthermore, this is a party anyone can host or join online from the comfort of their home.  

A contemporary way to be in the company of your loved ones, even if they live remotely, is the Netflix Party Extension. Celebrate the family tradition of watching your favorite movies together with a new and improved platform. 


What's a Netflix Party?

Netflix Party, in a nutshell, is an online virtual living room to watch Netflix with friends while engaging in coordinated playback and group chat. Furthermore, it is a web extension that is accessible to everyone through Chrome Web Store. Additionally, you can get it from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers to enable a virtual watch party for Netflix on laptop or desktop computers. Therefore, now host online watch parties and provide the URL to everyone so they can all watch the stream simultaneously. Get a real-time synchronized streaming experience. 

Watch Netflix In Sync With Friends Every Time

You can start the party in a matter of seconds, which is a significant advantage of remote entertainment, let's face it. It's significantly simpler to sign up with an invite link. The following instructions will walk you through the simple setup procedure.

Steps to organizing a Netflix Party: 

1.First, install the Netflix Party Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2.Next, go to the Netflix streaming site or launch the app on your system.

3.Now, search for and start playing the program or film you wish to watch and click "Play."

4.Subsequently, visit the browser from the video playing screen and click the "NP" button.

5.If you want to control playback, select "Only I have control." Otherwise, everyone invited will be allowed to fast-forward and rewind.

6.Please press the "Start The Party" button after that.

7.Share the invitation URL with your friends by copying it.

Steps to join Netflix Party:

1.To join the Netflix Watch Party, it is essential to download and install the extension. 

2.After that, login into your Netflix streaming account.

3.Then, click the invitation URL to join the party.

4.If you're joining, choose a user icon and name so that your friends can recognize you in the chat.

With that, you are all set to see it all in one sitting with your far-flung friends and family.

Netflix Party not Working: Troubleshooting

Netflix Watch Party Extension allows you to host flawless virtual watch parties. However, you may face any unforeseeable issues. Therefore, check the following easy fixes: 

1.Relaunch Chrome: If the watch party is not loading, then close all open Chrome windows and tabs before reopening it. Then access the Netflix site again along with the extension from the browser. 

2.Set the extension's options: Select Manage Extensions by clicking the NP button. Switch on "Allow access to file URLs" on the Settings page. Visit Netflix once more and give it another shot. The Netflix Party add-on ought to be operational right now.

Is Netflix Party Safe?

Everyone likes their snacks and popcorn and doesn't like sharing, similar to personal information. Netflix Party is a web extension that says it will undoubtedly track some data by default. However, no data is shared with any thrid-parties. Furthermore, the data collected is only to improve and enhance the service for a better user experience. Therefore, it is completely safe to use. 
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